Exploring the Magnificent Bike Trails of Palm Beach County, Florida

Discover 5.5 miles long bike trails in Palm Beach County Florida with spectacular views of Lake Worth Lagoon & West Palm Beach skyline.

Exploring the Magnificent Bike Trails of Palm Beach County, Florida

Are you looking for a long and scenic bike trail in Palm Beach County, Florida? Look no further! The trail itself is five and a half miles long and runs from South Lake Drive, near Peruvian Avenue North, to its terminal, just north of the famous Sailfish Club. This trail borders the western end of Palm Beach, offering a breathtaking view of the Lake Worth Lagoon and West Palm Beach beyond. The trail has two interruptions where cyclists must navigate sidewalks and an intersection, but it is otherwise complete and well-maintained. There are also paved pedestrian trails in the county parks, so be sure to keep an eye out for other people using the trails for walking, jogging, and other recreational activities.

As you explore the trail, you'll get an idea of how Palm Beach defies the conventional pace of modern life. The Palm Beach, Town Docks pier, is its first landmark, a public marina that has served as a berth for yachts of all types since the 1940s. The Lake Trail offers visitors an intimate encounter with Palm Beach style, as well as a view that will keep you coming back again and again. The view of the magnificent ships there with the West Palm Beach skyline in the distance is a photo not to be missed on Instagram.

This is a transplant from the Amazon jungle, brought here as an experimental cultivation tree in the early days of Palm Beach. The trail winds north along the water and offers an expansive view of West Palm Beach and the Lake Worth Lagoon. Here in Palm Beach, things are real, having taken decades to create and remain immaculately, yet marked with the stamp of a long life. Palm trees are original island ornaments, and most show the imperfection of a tree that grew on-site, not something recently placed by a landscaper.

Turn west on Sunset Avenue to the water's edge, and the Lake Trail will begin again, heading north to Palm Beach Inlet. Here, you'll see why Palm Beach is a gem of The Palm Beaches with its laid-back lifestyle and atmosphere. The branches extend to the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, a palace-like house designed and built by the man who gave life to Palm Beach. The charming three-level cabin is located next to the lake trail and serves the Palm Beach community to hold functions and events.

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